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Club Inferno Dungeon – The Hole Buster

Another fresh week and time for another club inferno dungeon scene to be shown to you. If you’ve been here long enough, you’re no stranger to the kinds of things that these guys are into and you now fully well what to expect to see them do. This scene in particular has quite a lot of kinky stuff going down. And by now we hope that we’ve made this site your go to place when you want to see some horny guys getting wild and nasty too. Anyway, let’s get back to these two clubinfernodungeon members and watch them in some sensual action. You can rest assured that you get to see them use some nice and big toys on their asses as well in this one too!


Well mostly one of them does anyway. The guy with the big cross leather strap is the mater in this one and sadly the other guy has to sit back and take it like a champ today. He enjoys it, don’t worry. And with that he gets to feel in his ass the various things that this guy has all lined up too. First up though, he needs to make sure that the area is nice and slick so watch him taking great care in lubing that ass. And after that? it’s fuck town city as the guy gets to drill that ass hard style with the dildo. He loves getting his ass stretched, just like the anal sluts from the site, so we hope you had fun and we’ll return soon with some more for you. We hope that you’ll stay tuned and check out the past galleries as well for more action!

Take a look at this jock drilling his slave’s ass!

The Hard Way Fisting

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to more club inferno dungeon scenes this week. And here we have a brand new show with three more studs that get to have fun with their asses and naturally you get to check them out in action today. The guys are all wearing red jock straps and they are quite eager to start as well rest assured. Well as you can see, thy also get to play in a proper dungeon with bars and stuff. Two of them will get their asses toyed with and you get to see the bald guy getting to be the operator of pleasure in today’s clubinfernodungeon scene. So let’s get the show on the road and let’s watch the action.


The bald guy has the two strip down as well as himself down to the boots and the said jockstraps. Then he has the two bending over on a table and presenting him with their sexy asses. He gets to use a large amount of lube for these two rear ends and he’s happy to as well. Once he starts, he gets to tease them gently, then inserting a finger, then two and so on until his whole hand is in. Watch him making the guys moan in pleasure as he’s fisting their rear ends nice and hard for the better art of this scene today and enjoy the view. We’ll return again soon with more action scenes, so be sure to drop by and check them out okay? If you’re looking for similar videos and pics, check out the site and see some sexy trannies getting their asses stretched!

Check out the master fisting his two slaves!

Red Handed Fisting

We wanted to welcome you guys back once more to the new club inferno dungeon scene that’s present this week and they are out to play nasty with each other. Let’s get right into the action today and get to see the two hot studs having this abandoned warehouse to themselves and you will get to see them put the place to quite the good use this afternoon for sure as they get to fuck one another hard. Well, of course you get to see it all go down as the cameras caught each and every single second of these two guys going at it and you just have to see their clubinfernodungeon action scene today. You can bet fist fucking is involved too!


We told you about the setting earlier, so now it’s time to check out the guys making their entry and getting ready to play. There’s plenty of lube that gets to be used as well and you can see the red headed guy getting it fully today. All ginger jokes aside, he’s quite horny and sexy too and it’s just a treat to see him lift up his legs and lay back as his buddy lubes up. He fucs that ass for a bit as well, but of course, the real action is seeing the guy getting his ass fist fucked by the later’s hand today. We hope that you enjoyed the show and we’ll be back here soon with more all new and all fresh galleries for you!

Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass fisted!

Club Inferno Dungeon – The Deep End

It’s that time again and you know what that means. There’s some fresh club inferno dungeon updates on the way, and actually, they are already here and they are all primed and ready for you to see this afternoon. Once more we have no less than three guys in this S&M action scene and they also make good work when they get to play together. This week you get to sit back and relax and see this one guy from the group getting to take two things in his ass at the same time today. And that’s as naughty and juicy as it sounds trust us. So let’s get to check out this brand new clubinfernodungeon scene here and watch this group of three guys in action!

Once they get started, that party train isn’t going to be stopping any time soon and they are counting on that. Since the party guy gets a good stretching today he gets extra attention from the two as they rub his body with oils and the likes and his ass as well. And they also get to suck his cock at the same time to make sure he’s pleased extra. Once that is done, one guy rubbers up and the stud gets to take his spot right on top of that mighty cock and for a while you can see him ride the meat nice and hard. Then the last guy starts to slide his hand in his ass at the same time, kind of jacking the guy off extra in a way of speaking. Well either way, have fun with it!


Take a look at this guy getting fucked and fisted!

Ranch Hands Fisting

Another fresh week and time to get to check out a pair of studs in this club inferno dungeon update that know how to have some proper fun too. The two guys are farmhands helping out at a ranch and well, they like to get nasty sometimes. Lucky for them they have long enough breaks to do whatever they want and they work hard both at that and on the field so no one really gets upset if they happen to miss out a bit. Well, having them take that particular break today, this clubinfernodungeon scene shows off just what the two like to do during those retreats. And naturally you can expect that they get to be very very kinky and nasty in it too!


They get straight away in the car as soon as we begin and they drive off to a more secluded part of the ranch. Once there they park it and as they climb out quickly make work of each other’s clothes. They have these nice mats in the back of the car and you can expect to see them out those things to quite some good use this afternoon. The guy with no tattoos gets to take it in the ass for this one and his buddy starts to lube up his hand and the guy’s ass in preparation. You know what’s coming and you can bet that you get to see every juicy bit of the fist fucking anal action that goes down in this one right here. Enjoy it and come back soon for anther new scene!

Check out this guy getting his ass fisted!

Club Inferno Dungeon – Take The Plunge

This week’s brand new and fresh club inferno dungeon is here and you get to see some more juicy and new scenes with even more hot studs getting wild and nasty and this trio is all ready to get down and dirty! And you can bet that there’s quite a lot to check out in this gallery too with this naughty pack of horny guys getting nice and ready to do some hard style fucking for you and the cameras. Anyway, what they have planned for today is a nice S&M threesome and there’s going to be some fisting action too, as you would know if you have been around here long enough. But anyway, let’s get down to business and see this horny clubinfernodungeon trio get to have some sexual fun with one another shall we?

We can assure you that there’s quite a lot of naughty stuff to get to check out in this one and you may want to keep your attention to the show since it starts as well. Anyway, once that gets going, the three make their entry and as you’d figure all are wearing some pretty superb and sexy sets of clothing on them all ready to get down and fuck. And it looks like the bald guy gets to be the one to receive the honors today. By that of course, we mean that he got to be the one to take it in the ass and he seemed to be very very okay with that idea as well, cause like the chicks from the blog he loves getting his ass stretched by big tools! Anyway, watch his buddies spread his legs and then see them drilling his tight ass with their big toys for the rest of the scene here today. We’ll be seeing you soon with more!


Enjoy watching his guy getting his ass drilled!

Pig Alley Fisting

Today’s new and fresh club inferno dungeon scene is here and it’s all ready for you to sample and enjoy without delay. The scene has more hot studs getting to play nasty and showing off and we bet that you are all pretty eager to get to see what the guys are up to and this threesome is quite adept at getting nasty with each other too. Well rest assured that in this scene with them you will be getting around to see them get to show off every thing they know how to do and they don’t shy away from it either. With that being said, let those clubinfernodungeon cameras roll and let’s get to watch the group having a sensual threesome fuck today!


When the action begins, the trio makes their entry and there’s not really any foreplay. The guys were eager and horny to get started and they know how what they want to do today. Just sit back and watch them settle on who’s going to be taking it today and once that’s decided that particular guy gets to bend over. One of the guys gets to go and play around with his fine ass as he gets toys and his hands to stretch out his butt while he guy enjoys it tremendously too. Meanwhile, the other one gets to have his cock sucked by the fucked guy’s luscious lips and moa in pleasure as well at the special treatment. We hope that you will have fun and there will be more to see next week as well!

Take a look at this guy getting double teamed!

Club Inferno Dungeon – Mister Fister

Hey there again everyone! We’re back with a new and hot club inferno dungeon scene for you and this one is another one of those that you just have to see without delay. The two guys here get to play with one another in some kinky S&M gear and that makes the whole thing even kinkier we feel. Anyway, take the time to sit back and relax as you will get to watch the two guys here get extra naughty. The pair gets to use toys, their hands and their cocks as well and we can guarantee a pretty steamy sex show with the two. Anyway, we bet you’re all itching to get to see this clubinfernodungeon scene get down, so let’s watch the two have a good fuck this afternoon shall we?

As the show begins, you can see that these two were going to play in their little sex dungeon for the afternoon and they were all ready to party hard too, judging from their sexy outfits. The guy with the chaps gets to be the one to decode how the other takes it and first order of business is to get to lube that ass nicely and the dildos. The ass needs to be able to stretch nice and wide for a good fisting later as well and the guy adores the toys coming in and out of his ass that’s for sure. Well take your time to enjoy it as always and we’ll be back again in the future with more new updates for you to see!


Watch here this guy getting his ass hammered!

Long Arm Of The Law

Here we are again guys and we’ve brought to you some more new club inferno dungeon scenes to check out just like always. In this new show we get to see an inmate getting his butt stretched by this officer for the afternoon, as he got caught red handed. The title of the show couldn’t be more fitting to this scene by a long shot as the two guys end up doing the nasty and having quite a lot of fun with the whole thing here today. Let’s get those clubinfernodungeon cameras rolling and let’s get to watch some pretty incredible updates getting to take place this time as well and you can see the inmate getting fucked and fisted in the ass today!


Well as soon as the action scene starts off, you can see the convict in his cell waiting for the officer. The guy comes in and they have a talk and the captive seems to want to trade his body in exchange for freedom. Well the officer here thinks it’s a fair trade, and you can see the two getting to interact through the bars. The guy gets to kneel and suck on the guy’s cock through the bars and once he has the stud nice and hard you can see him bend over to take it in the ass. And he does so moaning as he gets fucked doggie style. But that’s not all, as you know where you are, and after that dicking, you get to see the officer fist fucking the prisoner in the ass as well!

See this convict getting fisted and banged by an officer!

Club Inferno Dungeon – Foul Play

Well hello there once more and welcome to a brand new and juicy club inferno dungeon scene here today and naturally more hot studs that get to play with each other. In today’s little play session, you get to see two hot hunks getting ready to go all out with one another and we bet that you will simply adore the action too. The two guys were all sweaty and horny and this seems to stem from them having some fun with a football game and they had to do something once back in the locker room. Well as you can clearly see they were about to get really really nasty and in this clubinfernodungeon scene you get to check it all out. Well, let’s get the show going and see these two going at it, and see them stuff huge things in those tight asses today shall we?

The show begins with them just making their entry into the locker room and pretty much right from there you can see them getting kinky with each other. Watch the action start off with the guys getting to kiss and get all touchy feely with one another too to set the mood better and once that’s done, do take your time to watch the guy in red getting to be first to be toyed with. His as was begging for a good stretching, and the other guy wasn’t about to deny his fuck buddy the pleasure he craves today. Watch as he gets to use his fists to fuck the guy hard style in the ass as the latter moans in pleasure a the special treatment that he gets today! If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, enter the site and see a beautiful tranny getting her ass stretched!


Check out this hot guy his ass stuffed!

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