Club Inferno Dungeon – The Hole Buster

Another fresh week and time for another club inferno dungeon scene to be shown to you. If you’ve been here long enough, you’re no stranger to the kinds of things that these guys are into and you now fully well what to expect to see them do. This scene in particular has quite a lot of kinky stuff going down. And by now we hope that we’ve made this site your go to place when you want to see some horny guys getting wild and nasty too. Anyway, let’s get back to these two clubinfernodungeon members and watch them in some sensual action. You can rest assured that you get to see them use some nice and big toys on their asses as well in this one too!


Well mostly one of them does anyway. The guy with the big cross leather strap is the mater in this one and sadly the other guy has to sit back and take it like a champ today. He enjoys it, don’t worry. And with that he gets to feel in his ass the various things that this guy has all lined up too. First up though, he needs to make sure that the area is nice and slick so watch him taking great care in lubing that ass. And after that? it’s fuck town city as the guy gets to drill that ass hard style with the dildo. He loves getting his ass stretched, just like the anal sluts from the site, so we hope you had fun and we’ll return soon with some more for you. We hope that you’ll stay tuned and check out the past galleries as well for more action!

Take a look at this jock drilling his slave’s ass!