Club Inferno Dungeon – The Deep End

It’s that time again and you know what that means. There’s some fresh club inferno dungeon updates on the way, and actually, they are already here and they are all primed and ready for you to see this afternoon. Once more we have no less than three guys in this S&M action scene and they also make good work when they get to play together. This week you get to sit back and relax and see this one guy from the group getting to take two things in his ass at the same time today. And that’s as naughty and juicy as it sounds trust us. So let’s get to check out this brand new clubinfernodungeon scene here and watch this group of three guys in action!

Once they get started, that party train isn’t going to be stopping any time soon and they are counting on that. Since the party guy gets a good stretching today he gets extra attention from the two as they rub his body with oils and the likes and his ass as well. And they also get to suck his cock at the same time to make sure he’s pleased extra. Once that is done, one guy rubbers up and the stud gets to take his spot right on top of that mighty cock and for a while you can see him ride the meat nice and hard. Then the last guy starts to slide his hand in his ass at the same time, kind of jacking the guy off extra in a way of speaking. Well either way, have fun with it!


Take a look at this guy getting fucked and fisted!