Hole Busters #5

Today’s club inferno dungeon scene is here to impress you and we’re sure it will right from the start as you can see another pair of hot guys getting wild with each other. The title couldn’t be more fitting as this ore skinny guy wanted to have his ass filled with lots of naughty toys and the other stud was pretty happy to get to help out today. So as you take your time to watch this one through, you can rest easy knowing that there’s plenty of nasty stuff that these two end up doing here today just for you. So, let’s get those clubinfernodungeon cameras rolling and let’s watch this more petite guy getting his ass filled with sex toys and much much more too!


His buddy was here to help out as best he could, so to start off, you can see the guy kissing and caressing the stud to set the mood better and get him more and more in the mood. Eventually you do get to watch the guy taking it sit on his back and spread those legs nice and wide as he wants to let his buddy give his hole a good ol’ licking and get that place lubed fore he busts out the dildos. But as you can see he had no issue taking them in his ass, and as a matter of fact, he could also take two of them at the same time too! Be sure that you check out each and every single image in this superb gallery and more will be here for you next week!

Take a look at this guy taking two dildos up his ass!