Josh West And Boyhous

Another fresh week and time for another new club inferno dungeon update to be presented to you all. You all know that these galleries are the best place to visit when you want to see some hot gay hunks getting nasty and every single week has a brand new gallery that shows off just how kinky these studs can get. Anyway, this week we introduce to you the horny hunks Josh West and Boyhous as they get to have their time in the limelight and they enjoy each other’s company quite a lot as you will see. Anyway, let’s get things started and this clubinfernodungeon show rolling and let’s see them getting nasty with their fuck fest today!


Pretty much from the get go they knew who was going to be the one to take it up the bum and it looks like its the guy in white pants. While he does get to receive a good ol’ hard style fisting today, you still get to see him get special treatment as the other guy gets around to suck on his cock and make sure that he’s hard as a rock for the next part. Actually you get to see him keep on sucking that juicy dick even when he gets to use his fist to fuck that nice and sexy ass throughout the whole galley today. Well, as per usual we hope that you had a good time and we’ll see you soon with more new content. Bye bye guys and gals!

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