Long Arm Of The Law

Here we are again guys and we’ve brought to you some more new club inferno dungeon scenes to check out just like always. In this new show we get to see an inmate getting his butt stretched by this officer for the afternoon, as he got caught red handed. The title of the show couldn’t be more fitting to this scene by a long shot as the two guys end up doing the nasty and having quite a lot of fun with the whole thing here today. Let’s get those clubinfernodungeon cameras rolling and let’s get to watch some pretty incredible updates getting to take place this time as well and you can see the inmate getting fucked and fisted in the ass today!


Well as soon as the action scene starts off, you can see the convict in his cell waiting for the officer. The guy comes in and they have a talk and the captive seems to want to trade his body in exchange for freedom. Well the officer here thinks it’s a fair trade, and you can see the two getting to interact through the bars. The guy gets to kneel and suck on the guy’s cock through the bars and once he has the stud nice and hard you can see him bend over to take it in the ass. And he does so moaning as he gets fucked doggie style. But that’s not all, as you know where you are, and after that dicking, you get to see the officer fist fucking the prisoner in the ass as well!

See this convict getting fisted and banged by an officer!