Ranch Hands Fisting

Another fresh week and time to get to check out a pair of studs in this club inferno dungeon update that know how to have some proper fun too. The two guys are farmhands helping out at a ranch and well, they like to get nasty sometimes. Lucky for them they have long enough breaks to do whatever they want and they work hard both at that and on the field so no one really gets upset if they happen to miss out a bit. Well, having them take that particular break today, this clubinfernodungeon scene shows off just what the two like to do during those retreats. And naturally you can expect that they get to be very very kinky and nasty in it too!


They get straight away in the car as soon as we begin and they drive off to a more secluded part of the ranch. Once there they park it and as they climb out quickly make work of each other’s clothes. They have these nice mats in the back of the car and you can expect to see them out those things to quite some good use this afternoon. The guy with no tattoos gets to take it in the ass for this one and his buddy starts to lube up his hand and the guy’s ass in preparation. You know what’s coming and you can bet that you get to see every juicy bit of the fist fucking anal action that goes down in this one right here. Enjoy it and come back soon for anther new scene!

Check out this guy getting his ass fisted!